FAQs about Best RTP Slots

Which slots are better, between high RTP and low RTP slots?
The answer lies in the player’s preference: if you prefer a slot with a high Slot Rtp it will be possible to win more often but smaller amounts, if instead, you are looking for a dream prize pool it is more likely that this will happen with a slot with a low RTP.

FAQs about Best RTP Slots

Does a higher RTP mean you will win more?
RTP can be confusing. This percentage does not indicate the frequency of the winnings. In fact, the concept of variance must be associated with the RTP. Each slot produces winning combinations with varying frequencies. There is therefore an indirect relationship between the return to the player, the frequency and the amount of the winnings.

Typically, slots with a higher RTP pay smaller amounts, but more often, while slots with a lower RTP pay larger amounts, but less frequently. It is important to understand that the RTP figure is not to be taken literally.

What is the RTP of slot machines and casino games?
When it comes to slots, it is the developer situs slot depo pulsa tanpa potongan who decides the RTP and generally, this ranges from a minimum of 93% up to a maximum of 99%.

As for other games, the RTP is generally on these values:

European Roulette (the one with only one 0): RTP 97.3%.
American Roulette (with zero and double zero): RTP 94.7%.
Blackjack: there are various types, but generally the RTP is around 99%.
Video poker: there are different versions of the game, but the average RTP is 99%.
Craps, the very popular dice game: generally, the RTP is around 98.5%.

Why do progressive slots have a lower RTP?
Progressive slots are those that accumulate a portion of their entry into a jackpot that is paid out randomly. For this reason, progressive jackpot slots have a lower RTP, as part of the bets are not returned to the player but goes into the jackpot amount, lowering the percentage value.
While playing a slot with a lower RTP may seem less favorable to the player, this type of game attracts many players, who accept a lower RTP in order to have the chance to win a much larger prize.

Can Casinos adjust/adapt the RTP of Slots?
Online casinos cannot change the RTP of a slot machine, as it is something that is decided by the provider that produces the game in the development phase. However, casinos can show the real RTP of a slot machine, that is, an RTP calculated over a shorter period, such as 24 hours, a week or a month. The RTP that is shown in the information sheet of a slot is the theoretical RTP, that is, calculated over a very long period.

The difference between real and theoretical RTP can sometimes be considerable: it all depends on the number of plays and wins over the period of time taken into consideration. For example, if you take a real RTP over 24 hours and a very lucky player manages to make a big win in that period of time, the real RTP will be much higher than the theoretical one.

How and where will you find a slot’s RTP?
The RTP of a slot machine is a number expressed as a percentage and is generally found in the game description or in a review of it. It is usually entered in the RTP entry, but it can also be found under the heading Payout. Online casinos must show the RTP of the games as a matter of transparency.

On how many spins is the RTP calculated?
The RTP is calculated on a very high number of spins, which is called the slot cycle. The slot machine cycle is preset by the developer and consists of the number of spins that the slot must perform to reach the predetermined RTP. Each slot has a different cycle, which however consists of a very high number of spins (in the order of tens of thousands). For example, if a slot has an RTP of 96% and its cycle consists of 45.000 spins, the game must reach the designated payout by the 45.000th spin.